Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rhinebeck 2009 - booth with a view

In past years, I realized AFTER Rhinebeck that I had managed to take lots and lots of pictures without any people in it. What's up with that? Thousands upon thousands come and I finally decided to make sure I got some people in the frame.

Our booth on Saturday. Three handdyers, two basketmakers, one sewn bag maker, one llama farmer. All of us knitters. Hint: sometimes, they were one and the same person!

Since the only time I left the booth was when I ran to the bathroom or to go stock up the Spinning Room booth, I tried to capture what was going on right out front.

Remember Jasmin? :) Hint: bright pink hair.

Lynn the basketweaver, knitter, and llama keeper, also has bunnies. This little girl captured her heart and she kept us company all day.

Kay and Laurie, most excellent handdyers of Sliver Moon Farm, gave me some prime real estate in their booth: a spinner rack for my sock yarn. (I also had a couple of baskets of worsted merino superwash). The basket below contains the Rhinbeck 2009 colorway, which sold out on the first morning. I guess I better come up with something really good next year, and dye more of it, too!

Kay's colors are to dye for.... were the colors on the trees.

My feeble attempt at a snapshot inside the booth.

I had the most wonderful visitors. GlennaC. from Toronto (far right), whom I met at the Sock Summit this summer, with her two friends Liz and Rebecca. Sorry Liz, I should have taken another shot...hope you can forgive me. MargoLynn (far left) from Hartford, CT, comes to see me every year, which totally brightens my day.

Elizabeth and her mom were customers at my store at the time. Elizabeth made her Norwegian sweater, of course. Her mom taugh her well, and then she just took off from there...

Laurie our dyer enjoying something apply crispy.

A podcast being recorded right outside our booth.
Booth helper Ben brought bags of maple cotton candy, which I mistook for wool fiber at first. Then they started eating it. Kay felt much better after that. :)

The clouds started to move in towards evening, promising a wet Sunday.

But try and keep the knitters from a sheep and wool festival!


  1. It was SO great seeing you again!

  2. it is a weekend that i look forward to every year but this year i had a very important mother birthday to celebrate. your booth looks heavenly. one of each please. i will start saving now for next year.

  3. Maple cotton candy! I've never heard of such a thing, cool! Loved the photos, thank you!

  4. Great recap of events! Thanks for sharing your photos and thoughts. I sure wish I was someplace with clouds like that! LOL

  5. Just catching up on your blogs. Wow! So much content, so many interesting pictures, festivels. Must be so much fun and so exhausting! One of the members in our knitting group just came back from Rhinebeck. I really hope I make it some day.

  6. I loved reading your post, Karin, the photos are helping me relive the weekend!

    Next year I am going to get to that middle row of vendors earlier - by the time I got there I didn' thave enough spending left for you or Briar Rose, and that is a darned shame. Next time for sure!

  7. OMG that bunny is too adorable! Do you go to Rhinebeck every year? My friend and I really want to go at some point, but something always interferes with our plans to make the pilgrimmage up there. One day! Maybe this year! If so, I hope to see you there!


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