Friday, October 2, 2009

Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival - day 2

On Sunday, September 27, '09, Dear Husband, daughter "Crafty Girl" and I went back to the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival together. They skies were a little greyer, and later on it rained...sort of continuously...but everybody had a lot of fun.

I hope they have this area again next year, too! From the outside it didn't look like there was much lighting in there - did any of you take advantage of this opportunity? There actually were several different places where one could just sit and knit, sit and spin. Indoors and out. Next time, bring your knitting or spinning group and hang out for a while.

We took some time to wander, and I found this booth where the owner not only spelled her name Karin the same way I do, but she also had the most enticing, award- and ribbon-winning rovings and fleeces. I am kind of on a severe yarn diet, and oh boy was it hard not to walk out with a nice big bag of roving.

Of course one can't go to a fiber fest without visiting the lovely creatures that provide us with their fiber:

I think the llama was inquiring about the latest baseball scores, but I'm not sure.

Three all natural alpaca colors. If I ever win the lottery...these would all be going home with me...

The sisters of St. Mary in Greenwich, NY, raise cashmere goats and bluefaced leicester sheep. They are also greatly skilled knitters.

This is the very first time I ever got to see and pet a cashmere goat. They are so regal looking and behaving.

One of the barns featured a hooked rug display: another craft that blows my mind.

I understand these handdyed fabrics are what the rughookers use for their craft.

Crafty Girl was being exceedingly patient the whole day, as I was working in the booth. We also sell needle felting kits, and she decided to settle in and make a pumpkin.

There were a few other things I meant to show you, but it will have to wait for now. I am getting ready to go the the Vermont Sheep and Woolfest with my yarn (if you're there, come to the Dyenamics booth!!)

Oh and by the way? Dear Husband bought me some beautiful Shetland roving from the Karin mentioned above. Made me SO happy.

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  1. I wondered about you when I saw the other Karin's booth. DH and I were there on Saturday. Wasn't it a great festival? Sorry I won't be able to make it to Vermont...too busy getting ready to move.


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