Friday, October 30, 2009

etsy shop update - free shipping thru Nov.1

Just a quick one - I am offering free shipping on all orders placed through midnight EST November 1st.
Good on all in stock items.
All orders will be shipped out FOR FREE within 48 hrs.

Click HERE to see!!

On November 2nd, I am pulling most current colors.
The shop will be restocked and updated on November 4th.

Always something up my sleeve (or is it pantleg? Since I dye mostly sock yarns?).

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  1. Hey Karin,
    If I want something, can I just come on over? No point in shipping at all, right? Looking for that orange (flame) with a deep red together in a sock yarn. I mentioned it at Rhinebeck and you said to email you.
    Betty a few blocks away


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