Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rhinebeck 2009 - Sunday stroll

Sunday at Rhinebeck proved to be on the chilly and wet side.
Kay was prepared.

When my friend Anna came down with our families, we got to take a stroll. Here are some pictures for you.

The only thing I bought that day were 2 books, one of which is the Knitters Book of Wool, by Clara Parkes. Not only is she one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, gentle and funny, smart, and oh does she know how to write about, research, and design with her favorite medium.

I also caught a glimpse of Lily Chin.

After a wonderful few hours of walking around, it was back into the booth for me.
Here's Ava, one of my last customers that day. We had a great time talking yarn and knitting. She's going to make mitts for her friends. I do hope Ava will come see me again next year!

Too soon it was time to pack up. The animals were ready to go home.

Thanks everyone for making Rhinebeck such a success.
See you next year!


  1. Thanks for the virtual tour! Looks like it was chilly but colorful and fun.

  2. Such wonderful photos! Thank you!


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