Monday, September 21, 2009

some minor news

Just popping in real quick to tell you that I just saw Air Force One fly over my house -- the president paid the Capital Region a quick visit here today. Aannnd to tell you that I put more yarn in my etsy shop . Thanks for taking a peek!! You can see some of the yarn in action here ... I am sorry but I never get tired of looking at that baby.

Who with his mom and dad and brother and sister will be modeling Berroco garments pretty soon, as you can figure out by reading Abi's blog some more. This of course means I'll be making the trek up to Bennington again this week. Yes I went to the quilt show and had a fabulous time. More about that tomorrow, on the Other Blog.

Gotta run. Happy Browsing! wink


  1. You were at the quilt show this weekend? Dagnabbit - *I* was at the quilt show this weekend! Once again I suck at contacting people...



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