Friday, September 18, 2009

a pain in the elbow

I have finally had to admit to myself that the pain in my right elbow was beyond being a nuisance and was begging to be dealt with. Yesterday I took myself to the doctor and assented to a cortisone shot - tendonitis.
Funny enough, knitting has not bothered me at all, up to this point, but the shot completely incapacitated me for the last day and a half. Nobody told me it could be this bad. I can't eat or brush my teeth with my right arm, and I feel like someone else has been doing these things for me. I am so incredibly right left hand is learning to take over, but it feels awkward.

Anyhow, I am told that resting the arm will help speed the recovery, which means no knitting (!) and no dyeing yarn (!). Thank goodness I still have some yarn in stock for now and was able to put a few colors up on etsy. The response has been a good one so far - thank you!! Now I need to figure out how to further spread the word.

I hope you will have yourself a nice fall weekend - I'm debating whether I should drive to Vermont and go to the Bennington Quilt Festival, since knitting, gardening, and housework are off limits...what do you think? Drive left handed?


  1. Rest up, Karin. I don't think you should drive alone with just one good arm. Can you convince someone to drive for you?

  2. Poor you. Get a driver and go to the Quilt festival!

  3. Oh PLEEEEEEZZZZZEEEE! Don't do any housework! You don't want to do permanent damage! LOL!

  4. Thirding the suggestion to get thee a driver; would also like to suggest that I've had very good luck with arnica for tendonitis issues, although I'm not sure how it would react with a cortisone shot. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Hi Karin~ ~
    Sorry to hear of your discomfort. Those shots are awful hope you are feeling better soon. The quilt show sounds like fun. If you want a little motivation check my older posts for pics of the show I went to this summer. It was amazing!~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


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