Wednesday, September 16, 2009

don't ask, but do tell!

This is just a very short post telling you that I have an etsy shop. Finally.

I am still getting the hang of it all - photographing the skeins in the most favorable light, writing appropriate descriptions, tagging, etc.

The shop is called The Periwinkle Sheep, of course.

My user name is franknit. I am from a part in Germany called Franken, which is a beautiful region in Northern Bavaria. I like to remember and honor my roots as I look to the future with my new endeavor.

My first posted skein already sold last night - thank you to the angel that bought it!


  1. Great! Can I save on shipping if I come and pick it up? I do want a Pumpkin Bread and a Crapshoot. Cathy

  2. My immediate reaction was, franknits is the longtime username of a knitlister in... Just as a heads-up that some people might think you're her.

  3. Can I tell you, I SQUEALED when I saw this post! I found you from Spiderwoman's baby cobblestone and fell in love. I was put out when I realized I couldn't buy your yarn (in California) and pondered calling yarn shops and having them send it. Anyway, we are on a major clean and my S.O. and I have vowed to buy nothing until the house is cleaned and a garage sale completed. So no books ( him) or yarn (me) for a couple weeks. But then I'll be back buying Pumpkin Bread (squeal).


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