Wednesday, November 17, 2010

should I go or should I stay?

Just came home from knit night at the Spinning Room. Full of wonderful conversation and knitting.

Still in the middle of trying to blog about everything I saw in Germany last month.

Now I have an email from the Sock Summit organizers, asking me if I want to be a vendor again next year (they are giving vendors that attended last time first dibs). I have 5 days to decide what to do.

Should I go? Not go?

One the one hand, business wasn't as great as most vendors were expecting. On the other hand, I myself am much better set up to prepare and be ready. I had a blast while I was there, I met the most amazing people,and I am not just talking about all the knitting celebs. I feel like my yarn is good enough, and I have much more to offer as far as variety and color.

Please, gentle readers, give me questions to ask myself for the next couple of days, things to consider, pros and cons to mull over. (Aside to my bookkeeper: the booth fee stayed the same.)  Do I cross the continent again to be part of Sock Summit 2011? Should I go, and represent the fair state of New York?


  1. well...hmmm. It *is* deductible...just sayin ;o)

  2. Yes and yes!! If you can do it do it!! I am so living through you =)

  3. Yes! Your yarn is wonderful -- and trust me, I've done some research . Consider it personal fulfillment as well as a business opportunity; if you didn't want to go, you wouldn't be asking us what to do.

  4. Perhaps trade on the show floor wasn't quite as you expected, but did you see an increase in trade afterwards? (return customers after buying at SS, people who did not buy then but did later, people who got to hear about you from their friends who went to SS...) I guess you may not have this information in such great detail, but you must have some inkling?

  5. YES!!! You should go. First, you did have a good time. Second, sounds like things may be a bit better organized. The ability to publicize throughout the year and to dye materials earlier are all good things. Plus, you may have more patterns created and have so many willing test knitters and we can knit you a sock banner! So, yes. I would go. (And maybe I can fit into your suitcase!).

  6. I say go. I'm hoping that I will be able to make it next year. It sound like alot of fun. Does Sock Summit only happen every other year?

  7. Hmmm. Business wasn't as great as vendors expected, but was it still good? Do you at least not *lose* money on going? Because if you aren't losing money and can physically handle the trip and the work, the exposure to the crafters and having your name on Sock Summit materials adds to your credibility and visibility as an independent dyer.

    More sales, more stashes on Ravelry, more bloggers, more socks, more sales. Breaking even on paper doesn't account for the intangibles.

    And that's my 45 cents. :)

  8. YES! GO! We all live vicariously through you and we need the trip! LOL! And now that you've been there once, you will build up a following.

  9. Yes! Go! I'll be there again this year on Saturday for the market. I missed you last year and really want to see you this year. I'm Alicia over on Ravelry, by the way :) We're in the Stash Knit Down group together. Would love to meet you in person and support you instead of Webs :)

  10. So, questions to consider:

    1) will you be able to live with my disappointment if you had the chance to come to the west coast and didn't? I'm just saying, all your west coast fans may feel a little neglected after seeing you at Rhinebeck, etc. :~P

    2) Did you see an increase in your buyer demographic after Summit? I found you through a VT blog, but what is our exposure outside of the NY region?

    3) Did you find it personally or professionally rewarding? A growth experience? Did it give you a break, change of base, inspiration, better understanding of what colors/weights/fiber bases/ etc that sock knitters are looking for? Did you learn new techniques?

    4) What are the benefits of having your yarn seen by well-known designers? I just saw a sweater and socks with yarn from indie dyers as the feature yarn. Those kind of endorsements can be gold.

    5) it is tax deductible. will it be too much of a hardship financially, physically, or mentally? and on the other hand, will it help in either of those categories?

    6) And I agree with others - you wouldn't ask if you didn't want to go. And that's important too. :)

    Also, I didn't hear much about the last sock summit... didn't really understand the scope. But now, the word is out and I believe attendance will be greater... there is certainly constant interest on SPM blog.


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