Friday, November 5, 2010

Post #150, where the blogger goes to Germany

To start from the very beginning: I went to Germany from October 21 to 31 to see my family. It was my parents' 50th wedding anniversary on October 24th. I had not seen them in over 2 years.

October 22nd: I wake up to a first frost. This is my parents'  backyard. Dew had fallen overnight and frozen, creating a white veil over everything.

I grew up in a small town outside of Schweinfurt. If you click on that link, you can also get to the English version of the site by clicking on the little British flag at the top of the page.  It will tell you how the city got its name and some of the history.
Schweinfurt is where I went to school grades 4-13, and where I worked my summer job in the ball bearing factory where my dad worked for 42 years as an engineer.

Schweinfurt is experiencing a kind of a renaissance. Old structures such as this watch tower and old city wall are getting restored. Old buildings and modern ones co-exist quite nicely.

 Every year since I can remember, there is a  'Herbstmesse', a fall market that comes to town for a week. I love how the vendors, who migrate from city to city bring wares that one could get in stores, but also  rare finds and curious merchandise. This red sign advertises Notions and Suspenders. I got some cookie cutters there! Well at first I wasn't going to, but then the guy started to haggle, and I went for it. 3 for 5 euros.
 Next stop: lingerie. Perhaps these are brands that you can't get anywhere else? Not sure they have a changing room...I didn't inquire.

I remember the pan man from when I was a kid. Here he  (or his incarnation) is doing a presentation on the non-stick surface of his pans. The housewives are listenting intently.

He also has lots and lots of silicone untensils and bakeware!

Schweinfurt's city hall, being renovated (again). There is a permanent farmers market on the square.

We kept wandering, decided to try and find a new yarn shop that opened recently. On the way, I spotted this. Halloween is catching on!

Found the new yarn shop. Didn't know what to expect from the "Wollsisters".
Turns out they ply and wind all their own yarn! No brands here.

 Everything was pre-wound into cakes, which were weighed and priced. Most of the yarns were textured, and I wasn't sure how much a stitch pattern would show. I wanted to at least get a knitting magazine that was on the coffee table, but was told it was only for display and inspiration.

Off we went to the yarn shop down the street. Where I obtained said magazine and also some sock yarn. Me : happy.
This shop was cozy and friendly. I heard lots of advice cheerily offered while I was in there. You can bet if I lived there? This would be "my" yarn shop.

Last stop before heading home: my folks buying some very delicious Italian goat cheese.

That was my first full day back in Germany. I had visited my sister the night before, she was still in the hospital after her hysterectomy. Soon she would come home and feel much better!


  1. What a wonderful post! Thank you for allowing us to travel home with you, Karin.

  2. Oh I love the photographs! It made me feel like I went with you. And I love the frost on the flowers photos. Beautiful!


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