Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rhinebeck in 90 minutes

Rhinebeck as I got to see it on Sunday afternoon, starting with the 4H building. Yes I did get to shop, too, just as much as I wanted to.
Ellen's Half Pint Farm

Waldorf craft supplies

an unfortunate choice of display heads for the most gorgeous cashmere

Featured breed Oxford

Ulster County Spinning Guild

Best of Show

VW bus sighting after the crowds have left - packing up.

what the general public doesn't get to see - cleaning the stables

ready to go home after a long weekend!


  1. Well, after seeing your photos, I know I definitely missed a lot! But it felt like I saw so much in one day. I need to go for 2 days next year.

  2. So great! Eileen Testo will be so pleased to see you took a photo of her felted girl and boy!


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