Friday, March 26, 2010


I love daffodils. Every year I anticipate the time they come up in my yard (they do better than tulips, because the squirrels don't like daffodil bulbs).

I like this variety very much, and thought to myself, what if I went and dyed yarn that color??

I gave it a shot yesterday.

I aimed for this:

In case you thought I took this picture, I didn't.

...and got this:

Now the question is: does this yarn remind you of Welsh Daffodils, or


  1. I think you did a super job!

  2. What's wrong with rubber duckies?

    Seriously, though, I wouldn't have thought of that until you brought it up. That is a CHEERFUL colorway -- the kind I'd be drawn irresistibly to along about February 19th when I'm quite certain that it will be gray for the rest of my life. . .

  3. Well, next to that particular color blue which looks a lot like water, I say
    "Rubber Duckie". However, next to some light green, I would be sure to pick "Welsh Daffodils". Either way, I am pretty sure I would say, "On my feet. Now. Where are my needles? Find your own dinner, Mommy's knitting."

  4. I was NOT expecting that punch line! You should have heard me guffaw!

  5. It's lovely. I have been wanting to try this pattern for crocheted kitchen curtains. That would be the perfect color for summer.

  6. I was thinking candies -- happy, sweet, cheerful, satisfying ... you know they say, when something is so good, you can just eat it.


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