Wednesday, March 17, 2010

dusting off

Thank you everyone so much for all your good thoughts and your prayers and your well wishes. They all help tremendously in getting me going again and off the couch. I got rid of the heart monitor on Monday, am on a low dose beta blocker, and I'm still waiting for a bunch of bloodwork to come back.
The cardiologist says my heart is just fine, but we still have to figure out what makes it Go! in the middle of the night. He said it's like something spooks me real bad (except I have no nightmares or anything) and I have an adrenalin response.
I must say I have seen nothing but caring and wonderful doctors this past week, including a new general practitioner who told me I should have thrown something at the cardiologist in the hospital who told me it was all in my head.
Another upshot of doctor's visits is that I am going to have my thyroid taken out within the next 2 months. Though the thyroid bloodwork looks fine, there is that nodule I have that is just not getting any smaller.
So: waiting for bloodwork (adrenalin gland, various hormones); trying to take it easy.
In other news, the dining room is finally finished (though the kitchen sink trap decided to fall off today, but that's another story)!!! You can tell the colors in the photo above. We are rather happy with the result!
That's my little Louet spinning wheel, by the way, which I rescued from its little corner, where it had collected a layer of drywall dust. I dusted it off and began a mini spin-a-thon, which will run through the end of the month.
The point is to just spin as much as possible, whether that means 10 minutes a day, or an hour, or more. I really could use the practice, and also I need to simply use up some of my delicious rovings that are languishing in bins.
And that's all I have to report today.


  1. I hope they figure it out soon, and am glad you have found some caring doctors. Enjoy the spinning and end to the home renovations!

  2. So glad you are doing better!!

  3. Glad you are spinning and blogging, Karin!

    Just a thought: have you ever tried hypnosis/hypnotherapy? I had just one session and found it very helpful for staying on a fairly even keel during a time of uncertainty and weirdness. But maybe that's what spinning does for you?

    Anyway, good luck with everything!

  4. Happy to hear all of your very good news!!! Enjoy your spinning and all of this sunshine we are Finally getting around here :)

  5. So glad you are doing better! I would have thrown something at that cardiologist as well. What hospital are you having surgery at?

  6. So glad you are back. Cathy

  7. Hi Karin, welcome back:-)


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