Thursday, January 28, 2010

market day

At the market, I've been knitting a multnomah shawl. My ball was hand wound and was rolling around every which way.

Thank goodness there was a potter acoss from me, and my problem was soon solved:

Mirrored in the bowl is the ceiling: I am underneath an art installation.

No better place in the dead of winter, for displaying HandMade.
I'll be back there one more time on February 6th, 9am-1pm. The Atrium, Troy, NY.


  1. Thanks for letting Molly use your photo. She did a snazzy flyer for 'Purl Jam'. I'll send you a copy. Cathy

  2. Oh i hope to see you then! I missed you the last time you were scheduled to be there...

  3. I hope to see you in Feb.

  4. Lucky you, having an on the spot potter:)


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