Monday, January 18, 2010


front to back: highliter, robin's egg, chinese lantern, lemon drop, special edition/rusts, chai, goth black, vanilla frosting.

Hello there dear blog readers,

while you are here, peeking over the fence to see what I am up to, why not check out my etsy shop?

January is my birthday month and I want to give you a gift: if you order anything from my etsy shop during the month of January, I will add a FREE skein of sock yarn to your order. These skeins are NOT seconds! Please indicate color preferences, and give me several choices. I will try to accomodate you.

I will put more colors on the site itself soon, but please don't hesitate to ask for colors you may not see on there. I have pinks and purples and why not take advantage?


  1. Happy Birthday! This is my birthday month too :) It's a good one.

  2. Happy Birthday! I made a purchase last night and passed the Etsy link to my Harry Potter group on Ravelry and two of them have bought something already. Hooray for fiber enabling!


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