Tuesday, January 19, 2010

hat tricks, and some mitts

It's about time I revealed some of the Christmas knitting I did. I think I raveled everything....here's the little gallery of mitts and hats. Yes. I appears I was on a hat kick this year.

'Funky Chunky Mitts' for my niece

mittens for my mother-in-law as per her request :)

a 'shoveling the driveway' hat for our friend Mike

earflap hats for my nephews

Entomology Hat for a dear friend's son who is like a nephew to me

a ribbed cap for a co-worker who walks his dog 4 miles every morning

Vine and Leaf Beret for Jakob's girlfriend

Foliage Hat for dear friend's daughter who is like a niece to me

Earflap hat for Jakob to his specifications - he made the tassles! A hybrid pattern.
Every single one of these was a pleasure to make, and well received.
I am still working on some larger projects, but recurring tendonitis has forced me to slow down.
Today: charity knitting!! A donation for Haiti has been made; but my hands want to DO something. So I make what I can, namely mittens.


  1. What a lovely batch of hats and mitt/ens! It's so nice when people love what you've made for them. Those woodsy-colored mittens are just what I would want to make for myself.

  2. Beautiful!! I think the foliage hat is my favorite. All wonderful gifts, I am sure they will be thinking of you as they wear them all winter...

  3. What a nice collection of hats - you were obviously busy!!!

  4. I adore those Funky Chunky Mitts! The colors are incredible! Did you make those with your own yarn?


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