Wednesday, July 22, 2009

out the door

Thanks to my friend Kay of Sliver Moon Farms who showed up with her van yesterday, who helped me seal and address these, thanks to Kay and Tall Son who loaded them into the van in the pouring rain while Crafty Girl and I lined them up at the door....

thanks to a huge concerted effort where Dear Husband took over cooking and keeping our kids happy during the dye marathons...18 boxes containing 770 skeins of yarn, display materials and what have you, finally made it out the door yesterday.
We had a couple stowaways, too, but it got so crazy that I did not take any pictures. I will have JessaLu's box bags with me for sale at the Sock Summit, and some wonderful handdyed roving balls from a sheep farm near here to represent New York State sheepy goodness at the summit.
I still have more yarn here and even more waiting to be delivered to me and dyed, but there came a point yesterday where we just had to seal up the boxes and get them out.
I'll figure out what to do next - I needed a breather last night and went to see the new Harry Potter movie, and must have lost my cell phone in the theatre. A call there confirmed they did not find it. As of now, it is temporarily suspended, but I need to get connected sometime very soon.
Keep ya posted, as long as the innernets don't decide to take a breather on me again, too....


  1. Oh, can I go too? You must have a box big enough for me and well I guess Vaughn should come too :)

    I am so excited for you! How many more days until you go?

  2. Karin, good luck with everything. Stay sane!

  3. Ouch on losing the phone. Congratulations on getting all that yarn dyed and ready and out there! Have a wonderful time!

  4. Good luck! Good luck! Good luck!


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