Thursday, July 9, 2009

luminary panel colors: Lucy and Priscilla

If you've ever had the great fortune to meet and take a class with Lucy Neatby, you will know that she likes bright, bold colors -

in her hair. So I just had to do a colorway called "Lucy's hot pink hair" .... a bright fuchsia with a bit of orange added for depth.

While I haven't met Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, I've always pictured her more on the subdued side, based on her designs. The skeins I did in her honor are mostly navy blue with a bit of burnt orange, and some neat things happen where the colors meet:

These two colors also represent the two kinds of sock yarns I carry right now. The top one is a 100% superwash merino with a slightly tighter twist that the one below, which is a blend of 80% superwash merino and 20% nylon. Both yarns are very soft and a delight to knit with.
All Luminary Panel Colors will be launched at the Sock Summit, and will be for sale (if anyone is interested) to everybody afterwards.


  1. Oh, The Spinning Room will be interested!!! Don't you worry!

  2. You better believe I'll get some Lucy Neatby for my feet! I have four of her DVD's and they were among the best knitting instructional items I've ever purchased. Besides, that yarn is beautiful!

  3. The orange/pink is one of my favourite combinations ever!

  4. Wow! A yarn dyed in 'Lucy' colours, what an honour! It looks scrumptious BTW. I will try to ensure that my hair is up to the mark for the Sock Summit. I have plans!

    See you soon and happy stitches,
    Lucy Neatby

  5. While I'm a huge fan of Lucy's, she and I differ on our choice of colors. The colors for Priscilla Gibson-Roberts are lovely!

  6. Please give details on how to order Lucy's Hair yarn. You gifted me that wonderful turquoise when I saw you in Portland (big hug) and I'm thinking some of Lucy's pink would make an electric colorwork project with it.

    LynnH in Lansing, MI


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