Monday, October 1, 2012

Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival report!

It's been a little over a week since the festival, and I need to finally give you a report!!

Let me just say it was busy. Busier than the first 3 years. Much busier it seemed even than last year. Last year some of us were wondering whether it would be worth it to come back as a vendor, but now this festival is alive and kicking and becoming one of those secrets that everybody is talking about.

There were a lot of vendors that you will see at Rhinebeck in a couple of weeks, but without the intense bustle in the aisles. You have time to shop and talk and sit and knit and eat and listen to some music here at Southern Adirondack.

I'm using words to describe the festival because well, on the first day I forgot my camera. I try hard not to let this become a habit, but so far I've left my camera at home on the first day of every festival for a whole year, including Rhinebeck last year.

Aaron did a fine job capturing the festival for us, so we'll start with his pictures. I'll give you a minute to go to the link.

On Sunday afternoon, I did get to walk around a bit myself --

My dear friend Amy and I (Amy helped me the whole entire weekend! From labeling yarn on Friday night to take-down on Sunday, she was there. Even lent me her car to transport the display.) -- well all weekend  we had some cool visitors. I was a tad tired and so please forgive me if I didn't capture you.

One visitor was this little boy -- easiest shopping companion ever, because he had his nose in a book the whole time.

Don't you love his mom's felted bag??

Then there was this couple, Nancy and Kurt, who in themselves are a whole Periwinkle Sheep fan club.

Kurt likes to spin and is showing off one of his skeins. It keeps him busy while his wife knits.
Nancy likes to make shawls. Lots of beautiful shawls.

Hatchling Dragon in WINK, Audrey Hepburn.

Rockefeller by Stephen West, in WINK tangerine and Watercolors II Mallards by the Boathouse.

And yes, she along with hundreds of other knitters of the KAL over the summer had run out of yarn.
But we were able to match the colors and she finished in time for the festival.

Daybreak by Stephen West, in watercolors The Sheep's Clothing and a colorway I didn't catch!
She's Nancy4 on ravelry and we all must go there and urge her to update her project pages...such beautiful knitting...needs to be shared with the world!

All of those colorways will be available at Rhinebeck and then on the website. (What I didn't know at the time of the festival was that I was getting sick and took all week to recuperate. Now I'm playing catch-up.)

Last but not least, here are some booth shots.

I'm REALLY looking forward to next year!!


  1. It looks so wonderful. Wish I lived much closer so I could attend. At least I can love your yarn up close and personal.

  2. Hi , I saw you Sat. but you were very busy so I did not bother you. I'm sorry I didn't see the new tweed/donegal sock yarn, I'm bummed now.Hope to see some at Rhinebeck and pick up some skeins before you sell out.

  3. So cool! So glad it was such a success. Such beautiful yarns and projects.


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