Friday, September 21, 2012

southern adirondack and a reveal!

Been very busy this week getting ready for the Southern Adirondack FiberFestival. My stock was pretty low, I haven't done a fiber fest since last year's Rhinebeck, and so I was scrambling a little.

With the help of a dear friend all the skeins are now labeled and packed, well a few batches are still on the drying racks and I may yet be labeling at the festival tomorrow!

The weather is supposed to be good, sunny and warm for Saturday and then a bit of rain on Sunday, nothing to worry about, so come on out everyone. I'm in barn #32, booth number 13. Same spot as last year.

It'll be great to see you, it's been a while for me for sure, me being out of commission from November '11 til April '12. Then a busy summer with some traveling, and here we are! Fall in the Northeast, and fiber festival season kicking off.

I'll have a new yarn for you to see:

a sock yarn with donegal tweed-effect neps.

I'll have it on the website next week.


  1. How Beautiful is that new yarn!

  2. Two of my favorite locals are Curt's Wife (Nancy) and Nancy's husand (Curt)who are frequently at the Spinning Room in Altamont--Have been in love with her orange shawl for ages!! And I am really scared to see freckles again--I may need serious support on that one--it just amazes me!! Joan from the Spinning Room in Altamont!!


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