Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rhinebeck 2012 / Saturday

It was a great day.

From arriving at 7 am (after being chauffeured by Iryth's husband Joe, including all the yarn)

to the sun coming up

to seeing Ysolda Teague and Mary Heather and their friend walk by ( I really hope it is them because i have a shyness when it comes to finding out if it is really them and maybe they are impersonators--)

to the line in front of our neighbor (Jenny the Potter!) forming

(This is the pottery booth before opening. It was empty two hours later.)

(some Periwinkle Sheep yarn before opening)

(Sliver Moon Farm yarn --- lots of it!!!! Ready for customers!!)

to the line at the gates just before 9 am

to the empty barns awaiting alll the knitters

AND Leila coming to visit again this year!! With her own sweater WIP!!!
(She brought Kay a beautiful origami wreath that turns from star to wreath and back again.)

To our star cash out team Iryth and Denise, who took care of customers the entire day

to counting all the Color Affections

 meeting Sarah (who came all the way from Michigan) from my ravelry group
 and Mary Ellen from my ravelry group (who had been trying for three years running to find me at the festival and it finally happened)

to dear friends coming to visit, bringing a fresh baked knitting celebrity, Celeste Young, second from left -

to amazing hand sewn outfits

and a Glenna C. fan club, with Glenna C herself

to professional Diggers for Yarn

and the lovely trees again in the evening --

it was a glorious wonderful day.

Tomorrow you will hear about how Iryth's husband Joe is helping me all weekend and also hopefully I will get to tour the festival a bit.


  1. Thank you for letting me vicariously live through you! I love all the pictures, makes me feel like I'm there!

  2. Thank you for posting this:) It brought back wonderful memories for me. x


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