Monday, April 2, 2012

stash ruminations

I'm thinking about it.

I may just go for it.

Another Yarn Yard Sale.

First Saturday in May (raindate second Saturday in May).

Should I?

April 1st was Flash your Stash day on Ravelry, and I have been thinking. I love having yarn around, that's not news. I have always loved picking out yarn, imagining what I will do with it, I've designed with it, I've dyed it. And yes I enjoy buying yarn, especially at Local Yarn Shops.

Since the beginning of the year, I have not bought any yarn at all. I am Cold Sheeping (like going cold turkey, but related to knitting it is a sheep), in an effort to use up what I have. I have never come out and said this, because I love my LYSs a lot and I want them to stay in business and I want to keep supporting them. The Stash I have is a personal thing, the one aside from the Professional Stash. So far they've kind of lived side by side. Now I am coming out of my private sphere and saying that I think I have come to a point where the Personal Stash is becoming a burden to me.

I don't like that it takes up so much room in my house.
I don't like that it takes up so much room in my head.
I am tired of having to think about that I will do with it all.
I need to knit with Periwinkle Sheep yarns much more than I have been.
I am at a different phase in my life than I was when I first bought a lot of these yarns.

It is time to find, sort, set up, and move it out. First there will be a Yarn Yard Sale, and whatever won't go then will be donated or sold on ravelry.

Yes I will keep some of it, of course. I am keeping the yarn that is the most precious to me for various reasons.
The rest is going to be set free. 'cause I have a feeling it's tired of being cooped up in all those bins.


  1. Oh, would that I could bring myself to do the same!

  2. Oooo!Ooo! Can I help again? I really enjoyed it last time!

  3. A yard sale sounds like a great idea. Good luck with it - hope you have perfect weather!

  4. I wish I could attend--but on 5/5 will be with my sister as she receives her PhD. Not to mention that my stash doesn't really need help--I'm about to bring home several more stashlets from Spain. Of note is that I did use my Periwinkle Sheep yarns for my two favorite projects in the last three months!

  5. Wow! You're an inspiration! Maybe I'll think about doing the same thing.... maybe.

  6. I'm marking my calendar to attend like before! I can't wait :-)I still have my PS Emerald I got at the first sale, I just adore it.


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