Thursday, April 5, 2012

FO: Afternoon Tea

Pattern is HERE  .

Yarn: Periwinkle Sheep WINK, used just under 400 yards.
Colorway: I can't remember. :( 
If this colorway looks familiar to anyone, please let me know! If I am able to reproduce it, I will gladly send the first person that can name this colorway a skein of WINK.


  1. Stunning! if it was our colorway, it would be lilac.

  2. I don't recognize the colorway, sorry. But the shawl is lovely!

  3. This pattern didn't really catch my eye when it went live. But I LOVE your version of it!

  4. Was this the colorway from Eliana's shawl? If not, this is still beautiful. Glad to see you are feeling a wee bit better.


  5. I'm with Becky - this pattern was pretty but nothing special. But wow! does your yarn choice make it pop! The color actually looks like a muted Plum Crumble.

  6. I took a look on Ravelry... It still looks like plum crumble to me, but some other choices are: craving (seems too dark), lavendar (not sure if that is really a colorway) and columbine (which is the closest match of projects on Ravelry, besides yours).


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