Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan

I made Katie a Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan.

I used Periwinkle Sheep merino d k, a washable merino wool. It's the first time I made an entire project out of it, and I must say I really love this yarn. I mean I already love dyeing it -

and I had played with it a little, but now I got to knit with it and it is just wonderful. I easily can get 5 sts/in on a size 7 needle; I would say it qualifies as a light worsted and a dk weight yarn.
It is soft, has good yardage (225 yards/100g), loves the dye....and I love it on my needles.

I came up with a soft palette to complement the hydrangea in the sweater, so my customers would have alternatives.

heather, lemon thyme, mauve, silver lining, hydrangea

But then again, why not some brights?? I delivered these to Trumpet Hill the other day.

periwinkle, hot pink, sunny yellow, turquoise

I am uploading all these colors to my etsy shop one by one, starting today, and continuing over the weekend.

I will be out of town tomorrow, so I thought I'd give you a taste!


  1. Lovely sweater! And the color exactly matches (at least, on my screen) the background of your logo. Very pretty!

  2. What a lovely tiny Tea Leaves! The color is beautiful and the buttons are the perfect touch.

  3. The cardigan is too cute! I also love all the colors in the soft palette photo!

  4. Beautiful colors! Your tiny tea leaves is so sweet.

  5. Your Tiny Tea Leaves is just gorgeous! I love the color and your knitting is beautiful.


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