Friday, February 25, 2011

reprise and finis

2. Music .

a. a repetition.

b. a return to the first theme or subject.

Winter came back today.



end; conclusion.

My sister's socks, begun in October last year, finally finished and packed up for sending.

Yarn from HERE.

When I was at her house last fall, she had started knitting socks, too.

Now I'm worried she won't have a need for my hand knit socks anymore.

Better not take so long next time!

But right now, Crafty Girl wants a pair out of THIS . I gave her this skein last year for her birthday, because she loved it so much for the bright colors, "just to look at". One year later, it's time for new socks.

May winter treat you kindly, and may you have colorful socks on your needles!


  1. We have some sunshine for the first time in months. Hope it reaches you soon!

  2. Oh my goodness! I've just found this post showing the socks you knit with yarn from my shop! Thank you so much for the link!


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