Thursday, February 10, 2011

a gift of love

A week ago, right after the latest snowstorm, I received a most wonderful gift in the mail.

It was comprised of many different colorful squares,

see the cat hair? guess who took a nap on the blanket?

surrounded by black crochet for a stained glass effect.

And then surrounded again by miles of I-cord.

It is my new, beautiful, warm, comforting, Stash Knit Down Group Cares! afghan.

By way of offering you a bit of background, I need to tell you that I am the founder and one of the moderators of the Stash Knit Down group on ravelry, which has over 3550 members. Over the last 3 years, a wonderful community has formed. It all began with the desire to knit down the stash. We have lots of monthly and yearly challenges to help us knit up the yarn we already have. We talk about the pitfalls of yarny temptation, growing pattern libraries, Cold Sheeping, even Fabric and Fiber Stashes. Eventually, we got to talking about life and things that life throws at us. Out of that grew yet another thread, called "Stash Knit Down Cares!" where volunteers donate blanket squares for a blanket that goes to someone who is having a tough time.

Last year was not a stellar year for me and a lot of people I love, which was something I shared with the group as events kept unfolding. Last August, a group of members of Stash Knit Down decided that I need to have my own blanket.

They worked very hard on it, and last week it came in the mail, along with cards and yummy treats.

I was simply blown away by so much generosity, beauty, warmth, and love. I love my blanket, and what I love about it other than the fact that I can wrap myself in it and take naps :) is the fact that now I know what it's like to receive a gift like this. It inspires me to keep knitting for others, because I know it will make them happy.


  1. What a beautiful stained-glass group hug! And that sounds like a lovely group.

    You know what struck me as I read your post? I "met" you when you volunteered to be a gatherer and putter-togetherer of squares for A4A blankets, knit by ravelers as a tribute to Kay Gardiner's husband, Peter.

  2. What a beautiful story and a beautiful blanket for a beautiful person...

  3. What a wonderful gift! (and now I wish I had been keeping up with the group!)

  4. Your wonderful post is a tribute to all those who participated in creating your beautiful blanket! All that good karma that you have been putting out in the world is just coming right back at you!! Like JessaLu, I wish that I had been keeping up more with the Stash Knit Down group (though I peek in there from time to time).

    Wrap yourself in warmth today as it is FREEZING outside!

  5. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful person! You deserve it Karin!!!

  6. I got a blanket from another group when I was having a hard time. It's hard to explain the feelings of knowing what all those people did for me. I will treasure mine forever.

  7. I love how it came together. :)

  8. How wonderful -- what a great group you lead. And now you have this constant reminder of them! So nice.

  9. That is truly touching! What a wonderful gift. Knitters are such generous people.


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