Friday, December 17, 2010

reasons to go find a farmer's market

While we wait for the contest from the previous post to be over, I would like to show you some reasons to go find a farmer's market! We are very lucky here to have a winter market. This is also the same market where you can find excellent handcrafts every Saturday. Tomorrow is the last day for me before Christmas. I want to thank everyone who has stopped by! I love being a part of this, and adore my fellow handcrafters and artists.

The following pictures were all taken by my daughter Crafty Girl, except for the ones at the very bottom (my yarn and hand dyed scarves).
Have fun!

Troy Winter Market

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  1. oh I want a farmer's market like this - how fun! Ours only runs for a few short months in the summer, and I never saw any yarn there! Yours looks lovely!


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