Tuesday, December 28, 2010

come to mama...

We got a bit of snow yesterday: this is what it looked like when we opened the front porch door. About 6-8 inches or so, on top of no snow we had before.

The house across the street looked especially wind - and snowblown, but sooo pretty!

Today the skies are clear, and I am looking forward to a walk in some wintry woods. I got up this morning when everyone was still sleeping, and made bread.  Thanks to my mom, who gave me some Christmas and birthday money early, I was able to afford THIS baby! I got it for a lot less than is says there, because it was a discontinued color. Hehe.  Mine is black metallic which sparkles. Real fancy. But what I care most about is the 6 quart bowl! I can make 2 large loaves of bread in one sitting.

rye bread

same rye bread, with a bit of knitting added while rising
(Project started last night: Cerulean Cardigan, in Ecological Wool) 

whole wheat bread
I am also using the mixer to make myself gluten-free bread, which is a whole lot stickier and is harder to mix and knead. But today was baking day for the family. The house smells really nice, and I get to feel all smug and competent.  :)

PS: Lyrics.


  1. Wish we had smell-o-vision on the computer, because those loaves look yummy! Can't wait to see the knitting as well! We had more than a foot fall out here and you can bet the Saint Bernard is the happiest one in the family!

  2. Whee! I love baking bread, and I love my Kitchenaids. I received one as a wedding present. When it died of old age, a dear friend gave me our second. We gave our son one as a wedding gift. Our daughter has my mom's. I just think they are the best!

  3. I used to make all our breads with my Kitchen Aid mixer when the kids were little. The first time they ate "Wonder Bread" at a friend's house they wanted to know why our bread didn't taste and feel like it. I told them because ours was "good, healthy" bread! LOL!

  4. Ummmm....that looks delicious!

  5. Yum. Looks great. Happy New Year! I am putting my order in for another five skeins of black walnut to start off 2011. Cathy

  6. Your neighbor should make next years holiday cards with these pictures. Beautiful.
    Your breads look yummy too.

  7. Gluten free bread: I'm looking forward to hearing how this goes!

    Best wishes,
    Ravelry: leebernstein

  8. You have no idea what envy you have caused in my house. I decided to get a Netbook rather than a Kitchen Aid this year for Christmas. Oh I do hope I made the right decision!!

    Have a wonderful New Year!

  9. Yum!!! Your bread looks truly scrumptious!


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