Monday, July 30, 2012

may I?

It has been so long since I posted last, that writing again is like walking into a room full of people who have been talking with each other and keeping up with each other's lives for weeks, and I am stumbling in, unannounced...

so, may I come in?

How are you?


  1. We're glad to see you! :) I've been busy, but have moved into my new office which is only 3 MINUTES away from my house!!

  2. Hi Karin, Welcome :-) I been waiting like the guests who wait for the Bride to walk down the aisle ,LOL. Glad you're back.It'll be Rhinbeck time before you know it. Any special 2012 Colorway this yr? Loving the Dippity Do-Dye!

  3. We have cookies, right over there - gluten-free margarita ones on the handpainted plate, one of my specialities. Or fruit salad if you want to be good.

    And LOTS of fans humming away..............

  4. Good seeing you and Dina at Panera. Cathy


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