Sunday, August 7, 2011

my sock summit adventure, part three

On Saturday morning, I went in nice and early -- thanks to Mike and Mary picking me up from the house again. I sat in my booth, had some tea, and then decided to re-stock a little. After all, Friday had been busy enough that there were some small holes in the display. Because there was nowhere to store any back stock other than stacking up a couple of boxes, covering them with tablecloths, and putting my dress dummy on it (see it on the left in the next picure), I had actually stored some bags with yarn in Mike and Mary's car. It was time to bring it in.

And I did such a fine job, that by 9:00 am I was done and pleased with myself.

At 9:04 am, the whole left wall of my display fell over.

I took a deep breath, or I may have just sucked some air in and put my hands over my face, and walked next door.
Stitchy McYarnpants and Caro had heard something and just had to ask - what happened??

The KnitPrincess aka my friend Alison, one of my long-time customers from home, came running around the corner from her booth.

Stitchy McYarnpants and Knitprincess picking up the pile o' yarn.

 I'm just glad nobody got buried under it, or impaled by one of the 12" pegs.
They ordered me out of the booth - never argue with a princess wearing her tiara -

and literally within minutes they had restored order. I wanted to just give them each an armload of yarn...but they didn't take any. Not right then, anyway.

Because I had fabulous help, I was able to get away for a few moments here and there. Don't ask me to recount in detail what I did. Quite honestly it is a blur, and if I didn't have some pictures to look at...who knows what I may be telling you.

I'm sure the geeks out there totally get what this display in the lobby means. I am not a geek.

Lynn Herschberger!!! (middle)

an awsomely beautiful shawl

an amazingly creative freeform crocheter stopped and let us admire her work

Alison aka The KnitPrincess is HAPPY!!!! Yay!!

Debbie my newfound old friend on the left and Teri, Sock Summit veteran and beautiful lace knitter
Mary watched the booth while Debbie and I went outside to witness the Super Secret (not!) Flash Mob. Just minutes before, everybody had stormed to the bathrooms one more time. One lady came running in and yelled "Are you all doing the Flush Mob?"
the mob getting ready for the Flash Mob.

I made my own video, but this one is far better:

Well that was it for Saturday. Debbie and I went out to dinner that night. It had been alll about people and friends that day. We had heard so many amazing from one lady who was happily spending away and bought a ton of yarn...turned out she had just taken her mother to Vegas and gambled, and won!

Yes, people were having the time of their lives, and my display even remained standing till the very end.

And I thought I'd squeeze Saturday and Sunday into one post, but I won't. This all happened exactly one week ago, and so we will have one more post. Or two.

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