Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ice breaker

Yesterday's storm was quite an interesting one. It started with a bit of snow, was followed by sleet and several hours of rain, and topped off with freezing rain in the evening. The result is a thick crust on top of snow, and where the sidewalks were cleared, just a nice layer of ice. Which is now getting covered with more snow. Lovely!

every little branch is covered with ice, and topped with snow falling this morning

There is a major dip in temperature forecast for the weekend, which means if we don't get the ice off the sidewalk now, while it's juuust around freezing, we might have a skating rink outside our door. So I'm out there chipping away, putting down rock salt where there's tough spots, coming in and waiting for a bit of melt, and going back out to clear some more.

It's a layer about 3/4 inch thick.

Meanwhile,  I am knitting a nice warm blanket for a kid, to be donated to THIS. Because I once again feel lucky to be able to. Maybe you have time to make a pair of warm socks, a blanket, or some mittens for a kid, and mail them out in early February?

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  1. Same icy story here too ... in fact you've reminded me that it's time for another round of chipping at the ice! Yay cardio!


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