Thursday, January 13, 2011

easy way out

The new year is 13 days old, and I am already falling behind with the blogging.

There's been snow, and more snow.

 I've been dyeing yarn like never before: in winter. (Turn off the heat in the house. Seal off the kitchen, open the back door for ventilation. Wear sheepskin shoes and extra layers for warmth. And don't think that the yarn on the racks won't freeze even though it's standing in a patch of sunshine on the back porch. Clean up kitchen at 3 pm when crafty girl comes home from school. Bring yarn in to defrost and dry by the radiators, since the heat has been turned back on.) Yes I usually take a break from dyeing until March, simply because of the cold weather, but the shops need to be restocked (thank heavens for intrepid knitters!) and so I turn my house into a yarn dyeing igloo. Kudos to the family who tolerates the smell of wet wool and silk!

Anyway I was going to just take the easy way out today and show you this gorgeous blanket. (If this link lands you in the comments, just scroll to the top of the page.)


The only teensy tine-sy complaint I have is I WANT TO SEE HOW SHE SEAMED THE SUCKER UP!!! I want to know how she got those strips to lie next to each other so very very neatly. Any ideas?


  1. Wow! That blanket truly is amazing. Perhaps the smoothness comes from that thing called blocking?

  2. Elizabeth, I'm sure you're right, plus the garter stitch helps.
    I've even emailed the artist about her method, but she only told me that there was some crochet involved and to look up techniques on the internet...

  3. It looks like she only went through one loop of each stitch to seam it together. It's a common technique when seaming in crochet to use only the front or back loops. The same can be used for knitting, since it looks like she slipped the first stitch of every row, so that would create a nice outward facing stitch, which would then have two loops facing the outer edge, so then you only have to seam in one loop instead of both.

    Does this make sense?

    At least, that's what it looks like to me from just the few pictures she has posted.


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