Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm a chick!

My list of things to do today says: blog about something.

The Something has to do with these projects that I finally finished during the month of March. Some of them only needed ends woven in, or buttons added.

This is a toddler vest that I started 10 years ago. It's probably my oldest UFO! It was time to stop chastising myself for not finishing it, and wash and block it and add buttons.

These are mittens made from leftover Encore Chunky; I made them during the Winter Olympics.

This little scarf needed a bath and the ends woven in, too; made from Dale of Norway Freestyle.

Last fall, I made a baby blanket. 5 skeins of Jaeger Baby Merino dk. Again, all it needed was the ends woven in and a blocking! What possesses me to leave things laying aroud for so long??

Well evidently all these project were waiting to be donated to a good cause. This week, I was part of a group - The Chicks with Sticks of Glenmont - which delivered 103 handmade items to the local USCRI office in downtown Albany, NY. It was a big deal in that the Chicks had reached the tremendous milestone of 1,007 items made by hand since they were founded by Jody Mason 5 years ago. These ladies are prolific knitters and crocheters! With my minor contributions, I am so glad I'm a Chick, too.
Please go to Jody's blog and say hello! She tells the story of that day.


  1. Wow! that is a LOT of "finished project"!

    (Maybe I'll be inspired to pull out the Baby Surprise Jacket started in April 2008, that needs only the two little shoulder seams sewn and the buttons put on. Or maybe I'll just frog it all and reuse the pretty Mirasol Hacho, since the intended recipient has outgrown the sweater...)

    Good work, Karin - and for a good cause, too!

  2. Thanks Karin for the free advertising! It was a wonderful day and I'm so glad you were a part of it.

  3. Jody's group is inspirational. I'm am trying to knit at least one thing for charity each month. It's the least I can do!

  4. Oh....CONGRATULATIONS on finishing all of those adorable projects! The vest looks as fresh as can be, the mittens are adorable, the scarf cheerful, and the baby blanket is so pretty! Great job.


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