Thursday, April 8, 2010

if you give a knitter...

If you give a knitter some anxiety, she might start and finish and start some more knitting projects.

If she starts and finishes and starts a lot of knitting projects, it might aggravate her tendonitis, and she might switch to spinning,

spin up some wool/mohair/alpaca top

after plying some romney roving. But two weeks of a mini spinathon might prove too much for her old wheel, and it might make little helicopter noises. Then the driveband might break.

If the driveband breaks, she will have to order a new one and wait.

If a knitter and spinner has tendonitis and her wheel has a broken driveband (and the is wheel now relegated back to the corner)

she might think of what else she could be doing.

If she is lucky, and the weather is nice out, and no other jobs lined up at the moment, she might dye up some new yarn.

The new Periwinkle Sheep Oh so fine! sock yarn. 100% superwash merino, 420 yards.

Rubber Duckie


Deep Blue Sea (blue overdyed with more blue)


If the knitter/spinner/dyer dyes some yarn, and a local yarn shop owner asks her for a custom colorway

she is very lucky indeed.


  1. I appreciate your approach to an obstacle, Karin!

    And wow, those colors are just gorgeous. I love the terracotta. And the last one reminds me of iris flowers when they are still furled but you can see the hint of deepest purple wrapped up in the lighter shades of the petals.
    Gosh, I can almost smell irises just looking at that yarn!

  2. I really hear you - the last couple of months I have had RSI creeping in intermittently and have had a couple of 2-day "no knitting" spells. It's rough but necessary! Sigh, the things we do for our craft.

  3. That's funny-I also thought of irises. Cathy

  4. Yay! I love the Spinning Room color - thank you so much for indulging my idea Karin!

  5. I just bought some of the spinning room, I cant wait to knit it up!


  6. I have, for years, and being on my sixth or so pair by now, worn custom-made plastic splints at night that keep my wrists straight and my fingers from curling too much at night--best painkiller ever. They gave me back the use of my hands when I was hit with rheumatoid-level arthritis at the start of my lupus.

    There's a cutout for the thumb and they go just to the middle joints of the fingers. I went to a physical therapist who specializes in hands early on.

    Not trying to cure you, just sharing what worked for me. Good luck! And wow, what you did with all that! Beautiful. And congratulations on the commission!

  7. I love the new colors! and what a lovely post. Hope you and your wheel are all getting better :-)

  8. Lots of good adaptability going on there:)

    I love the duckie coloured yarn - it looks just like the sticky sweet inside of a Cadbury Creme Egg ( possibily not available in the USA but a childhood favourite in the UK! )

  9. Love the colors and why am I not surprised that Dorah already scooped up some of the Spinning Room colorway?! Lucky girl! Hope your tendonitis is feeling better and that your wheel recovers soon too!

  10. Maybe we should give the knitter, spinner, dyer a cookie for all her efforts! So glad you are able to find so many great things to do!

  11. Ohhhhhhhhhh, that yarn (wipes drool from chin). You're so funny - I was totally thinking about "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" when I was reading that. The yarn you are spinning is GORGEOUS. Sigh... :)


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