Friday, December 11, 2009

news update

It's been one of those weeks, I tell you.

The long and the short of it is that Tall Son has been sick with what looks to be mononucleosis for about 2 weeks now and there were some moments this week -- we were in the middle of a snow storm -- where I thought I would have to just get in the car and go retrieve him from college. Right before finals week.

Being on 24 hr alert there for a couple of days, I needed to make a decision, and it is this: I am not going to make it to tomorrow's Winter WonderLARK art bazaar. I am sorry to disappoint those of you who had been planning to get some yarn from me. I would have loved to see you, but it just wasn't going to happen. In the end I also did not have enough items knitted up for those customers who like to buy HandMade.

Right now I am just going to sit tight and try to finish knitting up the still long queue of Christmas gifts. We are waiting for more test results from the university health clinic. His last final is next Sunday, and he will be able to come home. I'll be so glad to have him here where I can keep an eye!

My etsy shop is open as usual; please message me from there, or email me, or leave comments here if you are looking for a particular color. Please also consider for more links.

Much love!


  1. UGH! I hope that he is better soon! What a bummer.

  2. Yes give my best wishes to Tall Son. Home cooked meals and rest will have him 100% in no time:-)

  3. Sorry to hear about Tall Son's illness. It's a good thing you caught his symptoms early so you can take care of him. Moose's mom had mono as a senior in college and ignored the symptoms so long that she developed hepatitis! Hope he's well soon. Just can't rush these things. Prayers to you all.

  4. Poor fellow - good to know he'll be home soon for lots of good cooking and TLC

  5. Oh, Karin, I'm sorry! Send him a hug from me. My kids took a long time to get over mono; it can take a lot of patience and time.

  6. I hope the finals go well and he gets home soon... to the best care available!


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