Sunday, November 15, 2009

we have a winner! for real!!

I cannot tell you how hard it was to decide on a name for this new colorway. Your entries were so creative and imaginative!! All weekend long I kept thinking about the autumn theme....

But in the end I liked Caramel Apple. That name just really matches the colors of the yarn. Lots of caramel surrounding a red apple... So, the winner is Jana!! Congratulations!!

Apple Peel by Steph was a real close contender, and I know for sure I am going to use it in the future. I have a lot of food names for my colorways, and both of these really fit.

The second runner up is Rustle by Bonnie!! Love that name.

Thank you so much everyone! Would the winner and the two runners up please email me their addresses? First place Jana gets a free Caramel Apple skein; Steph and Bonnie will receive a surprise for their knitting bag. Hint: I got it at the Sock Summit. karinmaagtanchakATnycapDOT rrDOTcom.

Meanwhile, I have been busy working, and photographing yarn, and uploading to etsy. The uploading is going so slowly that I am selling skeins here and there before the whole batch makes it into the shop... adding new colors again over the next few days.

Anywhoo, the Spinning Room is ready to receive a batch of Caramel Apple on Wednesday!

I better get cooking.


  1. What a beautiful name!!! A great combination and I bet it will be "eaten" up quickly! :-)

    Congratulations ladies!

  2. Thanks for the contest! I'm excited to see what Sock Summit surprise you will send!

  3. Wow!! Really?!?? This is so exciting! :D

  4. Oh my gosh--The name is PERFECT!!! Way to go Jana and thanks Karin for the contest!!! joan

  5. How exciting! Just sent you an email. Thanks Karin!

  6. Hey, just wanted to make sure you saw this.



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