Monday, November 9, 2009

Chapter 49, in which we learn

that color can difficult when you're trying to achive a certain effect, and in which we learn that I may be slightly incompetent.

I did do some dyeing today. The skeins are still drying. I'm putting up the pictures as proof that I was not twiddling my thumbs (as a matter of fact, I had loads of fun trying out different combinations of colors and the way in which I applied them). I don't think I hit the color Betty was looking for yet! We'll see in a few days when these are dry and skeined up.

Betty by the way has long since called me and told me not to worry about it so much. I'm not worried. I am playing with yarn and color! I am finding out things that I never knew before!

Tomorrow I am having a little routine procedure done; Wednesday is Veteran's Day and we are attending a parade (Crafty Girl is in Color Guard); Thursday, I should be able to skein these babies up and take more pictures.
I'll see you then!
PS: I think the one in front there in the last picture is Chinese Lantern, v.2!


  1. Super zingy colours - like a field of Gerberas.

  2. You may also discover (I HOPE you do not) that although orange is infinitely interesting to look at as a color, it does not sell well. Betty must be an exceptional knitter!


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