Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sock Summit update

I found out my booth assignment! The Periwinkle Sheep will be in booth #516. This booth is located just a few spaces up from WEBS, and across from the Sock Museum. There is ample aisle space in front of it.

This time I do not have a corner booth, but rather will have neighbors on both sides. I am quite happy about that, as I have been planning my lay-out with three usable sides!

So far I have dyed about 500 skeins of yarn: 3 kinds of laceweight, merino silk, a new BfL sock yarn, a new sportweight, and some sock dream. Yes, pictures, I know you want them. I'll do my best to take them.

Yesterday, I took stock of my beautifully versatile sock yarn called watercolors, and hauled a couple bins out back to spread out the skeins.

This may look ok to you at first sight, but really it is a most pitiful collection! First of all, there are no purples left! Sold out! And no teals and turquoises! Sold out! No tree frog, no embers, or black walnut, nothin'!! So little yarn in stock, so little time to dye it in! I am most woefully behind.

After I took a couple of pictures, I had to run in the house for something.

When I got back:

Good one! That's what I get for setting up right under a tree.

But at least the bird was kind enough

to hit a skein

that I had marked "seconds" already.

I really really appreciated that.


  1. Too funny Karin! You might have to change the name to BirdSh*t Purple!!


  2. That is too funny. Good luck dyeing more yarn!!! You can do it!

  3. I can't wait to "follow" your adventure to Sock Summit! Colors look gorgeous & I know you'll do amazing. Sounds like a great booth location. I would think foot traffic would be very heavy since you are across from the museum. Your poor yarn, I love that color! Dirty old bird, that's why I potty trained ours. Now if I could potty train the wild birds you wouldn't run into that problem again. :-)
    Diane S.

  4. Pity the colourway isn't called "bluebird" or something equally appropriate.

  5. That purple is so pretty. Dumb birds! I love the table with all that colorful yarn. So hard to resist.

  6. I CANNOT WAIT to see all your new yarn and meet you in person. Truly, I am beyond excited! See you in 3 weeks! If I can get off my rearend, I'll have my socks made out of your plum crumble completed.


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