Wednesday, September 1, 2010

new doors opening

A heatwave has struck once again. Yesterday, the temperature on my dash read:

I was out the door with this selection of watercolors II sock yarn

for a new shop in Troy, NY, "anchor no.5 boutique". It's a consigment shop for local artists and crafters, which is opening this week on River Street in Troy a couple doors down from Market Block Books. (Locals, you might remember The Paper Sparrow? This new shop is in the same spot.) It's like an etsy market come to life!

I wish the owner all the best in her new endeavour. I am really looking forward to the craft nights that will be happening in the fall and winter!


  1. That looks like a lovely shop!

    I'm pretty much flattened by the heat here in central MA today. The high pollen count isn't helping, either! Too hot to move, and difficult to breathe.

  2. That shop looks like the perfect place to showcase your yarns. I wish I could come to the craft nights too!

  3. You were dyeing in the heat wave? Wow. Gorgeous, too. They'll be right at home in that shop. (As I find one more reason to wish I were going back East this year.)


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